Cat Cora Kitchen

Hosting a pre-wedding summer bash is, in our opinion, one of the great joys of the season. Whether it be an engagement party, bridal shower, or even a “welcome” party for your actual nuptials, what could be more fun than soaking up the sun while celebrating your romance?

If you are throwing an event for an engaged pair, this time will likely be exciting, yet stressful – there’s so much to plan! In the event that you’re hosting a smaller celebration and have decided to forgo a caterer, you’re probably looking for the perfect recipe to whip up for your guests as well. Well, seek no longer! Celebrity chef, author, restaurateur, and TV personality Cat Cora has come to the rescue with five delectable dishes that will wow the attendees of your summer soirée. “The key to impressing your guests at pre-wedding parties is a beautiful presentation,” muses Cat. “These are some of my favorite appetizer recipes that provide something for everyone and bring delicious flavor and a touch of elegance to any event.”

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