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Flaming Greek Cheese

Flaming Greek Cheese

 As a proud Greek American, I thought it would be great to share a recipe from my culture that tastes delicious and is fun to make. So tie your hair back and get ready for some big flames, today we're making Saganaki.
Halloumi Close Up
Flaming Greek Cheese or Saganaki is a dish that defines my childhood. It's my soul food.  Saganaki is traditionally made with Halloumi, a hard, briney cheese that's perfect for frying. Cooking Halloumi on a high heat truly brings out its flavor. When making Saganaki, make sure your pan is very hot before placing the cheese in it.
Pouring Ouzo In The Pan
Once you've cooked the Halloumi to a nice golden brown, it's time to add the Ouzo, a greek liquor. Since it's so strong, I encourage you to first pour your desired amount of Ouzo in a small bowl instead of pouring straight into the pan. You don't want to accidentally add too much Ouzo and have it take over the flavor of the Halloumi. Adding the Ouzo is my favorite part of making Saganaki because it makes some pretty awesome flames. 
Halloumi Flames
After the flames have died, your Saganaki is complete and ready to enjoy. Just give it a couple minutes to cool down so you don't burn your mouth!
1 Thick Slice of Halloumi
1 Tbsp olive oil
1/4 cup Flour
2 Tbsp Ouzo
1 Lemon, quartered
In a cast iron pan, heat olive oil over medium heat.
Dredge the slice of Halloumi in flour and shake off excess. Add the 
cheese to the pan and cook on both sides until it begins to turn golden brown. 
Carefully add the Ouzo, and using the stove or a long lighter, ignite the flames.
Allow the flames to completely subside before removing Halloumi from the pan.
Serve with a squeeze of lemon juice.


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