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Organization is Key!

Organization is Key!

Mise en place is a French culinary phrase which means "putting in place" or "everything in its place." Typically, this refers to ingredients that are prepared and organized prior to cooking them. For me, I like to have EVERYTHING in its place. A clean and organized home is a clear and organized mind! As we welcome Spring, I am sharing some of my tips on how I organize one of our most used items in our home – our Fridge. An organized fridge helps not only with meal prep but also food waste. Being able to see and easily access all the food available is both a time and money saver.

I am sharing how we keep our fridge so organized with the help from The Container Store.



Step 1: Take Inventory

Every couple of months, I take all items out of the fridge, clean the shelves and take a mental inventory of what we have on hand. Remember to put perishable items in a cooler while you work.


Step 2: Group Like Items Together

Put things like condiments and salad dressings together in bins. Consider choosing organization bins and containers with handles to make taking these items and and out of the refrigerator easier.

Step 3: Keep Snacks Front and Center

Keep the most often used items in front for easy access. You may also find that ready-made snacks in easy-to-open containers are helpful to curb your cravings - fresh fruit or veggies that are pre-washed and ready to eat are always a good choice.

Step 4: Stack to Save Space

If you like to store water bottles, sparkling water cans, etc. in the refrigerator, consider using a bottle or can dispenser. These allow you to stack bottles or cans in a small space and save room. They also provide easy access to cold beverages.


Step 5: Keep It Fresh

To help keep your fruits, vegetables and herbs fresher longer, use Produce and Herb Keepers. For meal-prep and leftovers, I love to use glass containers. They’re easy to stack, in and out of the fridge, and keep food fresh. 



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