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Grape Leaves Stuffed with Rice and Herbs

Grape Leaves Stuffed with Rice and Herbs


These savory little bundles are rolled into grape leaves and served with a velvety egg-lemon sauce. Check out my cookbook, "Cooking From the Hip" for two tricks to making dolmathes.


2/3 Cup Cooked White Rice
2 Cup Onions (Minced)
1 Teaspoon Fresh Mint (Finely Chopped)
2 Teaspoon Fresh Oregano (Finely Chopped)
2 Teaspoon Fresh Parsley (Finely Chopped)
¾ Teaspoon Kosher Salt
1 7 ounce Jar Brined Grape Leaves
1 Cup Chicken Stock (More if needed)
3 Large Eggs
½ Cup Fresh Lemon Juice (Plus 1 tablespoon)


1. Preheat the oven to 350 F.

2. In a large bowl, combine the rice, onions, herbs, salt and pepper. Cover and refrigerate until ready to use.

3. When you're ready to roll up the dolmathes, carefully pull the grape leaves from the jar and separate them. Place each leaf on a cutting board, shiny side down, with its stem toward you. Put a generous teaspoon of the rice mixture on top of the leaf near the bottom, fold the bottom over the filling, then fold in each of the sides to cover the filling completely. Roll tightly toward one tip of the leaf, as if you're rolling up a towel.

4. Place the rolled grape leaves in a 9x13 baking dish, seam side down, and lay a few of the remaining grape leaves on top of the dolmathes to keep them from unrolling. Pour the stock over the dolmathes, covering the rolls completely. Bake for 45 minutes, or until the grape leaves are tender. Check after 30 minutes and add more stock, if necessary, to keep the dolmathes uncovered.

5. Shortly before the dolmathes are finished baking, whisk the eggs and lemon juice together in a small bowl. Set aside. Check to see whether the dolmathes are hot throughout by eating one. When they're ready-they'll be crinkly and fork-tender-remove from the oven. With tongs remove and discard the top flat leaves, then gently lift out each dolma and transfer it to a plate. Loosely cover the plate with foil and set it aside while you make the sauce.

6. Carefully drain the hot stock from the casserole dish into a medium bowl. Slowly dribble the hot stock into the egg and lemon mixture, starting with just 1-2 tablespoons and whisking constantly to prevent the eggs from curdling. With tongs, transfer the dolmathes back to the casserole dish and pour the stock mixture over them. Allow them to rest for 10 minutes while the sauce thickens. They are good warm or cold.


Sides  Gluten-Free


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